This #newyear #2019, let’s go #allnatural with #kayashastra

With the natural mindful body care product range from #kayashastra your kaya (body) is gonna feel free, fresh and radiant like never before. While you may use peel off masks, lots of chemicals to make your body beautiful, the real beauty comes when your body is detoxed!

Cleanse and detox your skin and hair with our #organic products, and you will feel the difference in a few days.

900+ beautiful women love kayashastra products and use it on a daily basis, next is you!

    • shisham wooden combs


      wood combs – are must have if you want your hair to remain stronger. it’s not just the ‘no-static’ gently massages your scalp in the right way every time you comb, optimizes the scalp oiliness & boosts blood circulation.

    • single herb specialty oils


      cold pressed or infused in sesame oil – these single herb specialty oils bring you the goodness of each herb in more concentrated form.

    • tejo ghritha – precious face oil


      tejo ghritha – a precious face oil with ghritha ( ghee ) infused with saffron as base and formulated with oil extracts of  almonds, tulsi, sweet basil, licorice, pomegranate, raspberry, ginger, turmeric nourishes your skin & keeps you radiant and beautiful

    • parsni – heel care butter


      parsni – the resinous butter is the ancient secret to cure cracked heels & the pain due to cracked heels. the resinous texture heals the cracks and makes the hardened skin in the heel supple & smooth. regular application of this resinous butter protects the heel well & keeps cracks away. now.. never ever worry about the cracked heel.

      with parsni – it’s time to show off your beautiful heel

      the package is a small glass jar that contain 25 gms of resinous butter.

    • #allnatural starter pack


      #allnatural  lifestyle – starter pack this pack has all the basic products that is required for your daily body care routine. this will good for you to experience #nosoap #noshampoo…

    • gaura – everyday face & body cleanser


      gaura is basically a natural cleanser instead of soap. take #nosoapchallenge with gaura to deep cleanse, unclog the pores & nourish the skin

    • kesa pramati – traditional hair pack


      kesa pramati works amazingly well to arrest hair fall & strengthens hair. Mix it with curd or water & apply as a hair pack covering scalp & hair lengths. leave it for atleast 20-30 minutes. you can wash it off with plain water / use kesa shuddhi for hair washing

    • kesa shuddhi – hair wash powder – 100% natural


      how to use kesa shuddhi?

      generally few pinches of kesa shuddhi is sufficient if you are washing hair everyday. however… take 1/2, 1 or 2 spoons depending on the length of your hair or oil applied. make a paste with water ( runny consistency would be better) & apply to the wet scalp & hair. gently massage. it will lather up well. wash thoroughly with plain water till the residue & lather is clear. use again in the same method if required.

      pl note.. the quantity to use kesa shuddhi depends on length of your hair, type of hair & oiliness in your hair.. even water type. so in few uses.. you will get to know how much you might need. the one thing you can be sure of is that the hair cleanser is 100% natural.

      and it is generally recommended applying atleast a little oil before every hair wash as this will help lock the natural oils in hair while the soapnuts & other ingredients in kesa shuddhi will cleanse & leave hair soft.  wishing you happy healthy hair

    • kesa prabala 100ml


      Major ingredients in this hair therapy oil are bhringraj, indigo, henna, rose, tanner’s cassia, lily and amla. it’s the process that makes this oil very special to solve the hair problems. it is done in the traditional method of hand-pounding the ingredients to extract the juices of flowers & leaves to process with the base oil. Base oil is extremely special too – it is the coconut oil made from coconut milk. this oil *treats & prevents hair loss, dandruff & premature greying*. this also works as a natural hair conditioner. rejuvenates scalp & hair roots for hair growth. fights scalp infections. the fragrance is from the natural ingredients – no extra fragrance oil added.

    • danta druda 25gm


      kayashastra  *danta druda*  – a unique formulation of natural ingredients with a very interesting astringent taste. This is a taste that we have all forgotten. but It is a very important taste to be included in our daily meal. which we don’t. So, included this taste in a clever way to include astringent taste in tooth powder. Strengthens gums & takes care of complete oral health. A must try. Let’s stop using fluorides first thing & the last thing in our day. Let’s go #allnatural.

      *How to use the tooth powder – danta druda?*

      Using danta druda is similar to brushing teeth with toothpaste. you can either do finger brushing or use brushes. we recommend night brushing with brush & #fingerbrushing in the morning.

      *With brush* – take a little of tooth powder in your palm..Simply wet your toothbrush and dip it into the powder. Thoroughly clean your teeth. Brush for at least 2 minutes. Then, rinse your toothbrush and mouth with cool water.

      *Fingerbrushing*– take a little of tooth powder in your palm. wet your finger & dip it in the powder. thoroughly clean your teeth. Massage your gums well.

      After brushing.. rinse well with water.

      To use it as mouth freshener – you can put a little powder in your mouth & swish it well. After a minute – rinse your mouth well with water.

    • Copper Tongue Cleaner


      copper tongue cleaner is the best to clean or scrape your tongue. we all know the benefits of tongue cleaning. using a good copper one is the best choice as…

    • coconut oil 100ml


      Extra virgin coconut oil made from organic coconut milk* and it is the most perfect luxurious care for skin & hair.

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