#allnatural starter pack

#allnatural starter pack

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#allnatural  lifestyle Рstarter pack

this pack has all the basic products that is required for your daily body care routine. this will good for you to experience #nosoap #noshampoo #notoothpaste lifestyle. all our products suits all types of skin & hair & yes.. yess.. it’s suitable for men & women. perfect as gifting option too for your loved ones

a perfect detox for your body with 100% #allnatural handmade products energized with chants of health & happiness mantras. we call these mindful natural products.

  • gaura – 50 gms
  • kesa shuddhi – 50 gms
  • danta druda – 25 gms
  • kesa pramati – 50 gms
  • kesa prabala – 50 ml
  • extra virgin coconut oil – 50 ml
  • sesame oil – 50 ml

perfect bundle with all the basic 7 products that will get you, your friends & family get started on #allnatural

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