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why should you try our products?

you here because you got to know about the goodness of kaya shastra. Hey.. if we are using it for us & our kids, do we need to talk about it more?

natural Ingredients

no chemicals at all. every flower, root, bark, leaves, nuts, and seeds used are sourced from the region where it’s grown. every ingredient is hand cleaned & processed as we use it for our kids & family too

made with love

we are sharing this goodness that we had access to with all of you to experience the real, healthy skin. we love beautiful, healthy life. and we wish the same for you.

home Made

made at home with all the care that makes this very unique since it is also used by our family. No seperate batches. it’s the same is for you & us

meet our family

yes, we are family. sisters lead & the family supports.


Krithika prasad & Radhika Gokulan

we are the ones making your kaya shastra products. we are the ones requesting you to go #nosoap motivating you to take up #nosoapchallenge. 

   now you text us on +91 9148588338 to identify who in this pic is Krithika and who is Radhika.

What Clients Say ?

Krithika is my good friend. she was always looking for natural alternatives. and when she found the perfect formulation for daily bath it was easy for me to grab mine from her. No looking back. i use it everyday. i feel good and my skin is glowing with thanks.

Dr. Amudha, MBBS


from the time i have taken #nosoapchallenge.. my skin is really soft & supple. I can't imagine going back to using soaps. gaura is perfect for me & my family



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